Terms and Conditions/Refund Policy

By registering for monthly parking on this site you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

General Terms & Conditions

Permits are only valid for the parking facility for which they are designated. Permits and access cards remain the Property of Unified Parking Partners.

You may not assign or transfer your rights under the Monthly parking agreement, or allow any other party to use your access card or to display your parking permit, unless agreed to in writing by Unified Parking Partners.

If mandated by site, at all times a valid window sticker must be visibly displayed in the vehicle with the “bar code” facing the windshield. Failure to do so will be considered a breach and, in addition to any other remedies available to Unified Parking Partners, may result in a violation notice being issued and your vehicle being towed or booted.

No permit holder is granted the right to tow a trailer or any other item behind their vehicle. If a permit holder is towing a trailer or boat behind their vehicle they will be denied entry into the parking lot/garage.

Any misuse of a permit or access card will be considered a breach of the Monthly parking permit.

Misuse includes, but is not limited to, using the same permit number on more than one vehicle at a time, or using a permit or access card to admit more than one vehicle at a time into the parking facility, or allowing any third party to use a permit or access card. If you are in breach of the terms and conditions, Unified Parking Partners may, without notice, suspend parking privileges; terminate the monthly parking agreement; and/or tow or boot the vehicle at your expense. Permit holder must return the access card to Unified Parking Partners within twenty-four (24) hours of termination of the agreement (if applicable).

Owners of more than one vehicle or members of carpools may use a single permit or access card for more than one vehicle as long as each vehicle has been registered and only one vehicle is parked in the parking facility at a time.

The parking of unlicensed or uninsured vehicles, the general storage of vehicles, and the repair or maintenance of vehicles, including car washing, is prohibited. Further, the parking of vehicles that in the opinion of Unified Parking Partners pose any kind of hazard or have hazardous contents is also prohibited. Vehicles must not be parked in such a way as to block traffic lanes unless directed to do so by a Unified Parking Partners associate.

Permit holders must abide by all staff instructions, parking space designations, traffic signs, fire lanes, height restrictions, official notices and other facility markings.

Unified Parking Partners may terminate this agreement with thirty (30) days notice. Permit holder may terminate this agreement with ten (10) days notice. Termination by permit holder shall only be effective following the notice period and provided the access card is returned to Unified Parking Partners. If applicable, permit holder must return the access card to Unified Parking Partners within twenty-four (24) hours of the expiration of the ten (10) day notice period. Permit holder agrees that Unified Parking Partners will not provide refunds or a prorated fee for any partial months.

These terms and conditions are subject to change by Unified Parking Partners without notice. In the event Unified Parking Partners makes any changes to these terms and conditions, they will notify the permit holder by mail.

Unified Parking Partners does not assign a definite space to permit holder, but specifically reserves the right to designate, from time to time, the space to be used by the permit holder. Fees are due regardless of whether permit holder uses the space or not and are due on the first of each month without notice. Permit holder must notify Unified Parking Partners within twenty-four (24) hours if the access card is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged beyond use (if applicable). Unified Parking Partners agrees to replace the access card within forty-eight (48) hours of notification, a fee of $19.95 will be charged for the replacement.

In the event that permit holder forgets or misplaces the access card, permit holder will be required to pay the posted regular hourly or daily charge for that day and such payment will not be refunded (if applicable).

Local Managers are not authorized to make changes to any of the terms of this agreement.

Liability Notice

Unified Parking Partners, property management, and the property owners are not responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle, the vehicle contents, or personal injury as a result of fire, theft, or ordinary or gross negligence; nor are they responsible for personal property left in the vehicle, nor for any damage or injury sustained through faulty vehicle equipment.

The permit holder accepts responsibility for damages caused by any vehicle accessing the parking facility using their permit. The permit holder agrees to hold harmless Unified Parking Partners, property management, and the property owner for any damage and/or personal injury claims arising from the permit holder and/or additional users’ use of the parking facility.

Fees and Charges

Monthly parking payments are due no later than the second day of each month for that month’s parking. Accounts that are not paid by the tenth day of the month will be terminated. Permit holder must return the access card to Unified Parking Partners within twenty-four (24) hours of termination of the agreement (if applicable).

By entering your credit card/bank information during registration you are authorizing us to process payment on or about the 3rd day of each month. We will continue to process this charge until you terminate online or notify us via email that you wish to cancel the service. If you have any questions regarding recurring transactions, please contact dimillos.permitparking@unifiedparkingpartners.com

A $30.00 fee will be charged for each returned check.

A $19.95 fee will be charged to re-instate cancelled accounts due to non-payment; to replace access cards/permits that are lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged beyond use; and for any card not returned when required by this agreement.

A $2.99 administrative fee will be charged for each monthly invoice.

All fees and charges are non-refundable and no fees will be pro-rated for partial periods. Fees and charges are subject to change without notice by Unified Parking Partners.

Permit holder is responsible for all applicable taxes.

Unified Parking Partners reserves the right to tow or boot, at the owner’s expense, any vehicle parked in the parking lot/garage without the proper permit, if a permit is required.

location in the State of Maine.
Updated 07/1/2013